At The Border Mail


Q:           How do I know when my packaged has arrived?

A:            Once you become a registered customer, we will send you an automatic email notification letting you know that your package has arrived at our location.  Before you become a registered customer, you can track your package via the tracking information that the company that you ordered from gives you.  Once you see that your package has been received by At the Border Mail, you may pick up your package the following business day.

Q:           Why can’t I pick up my package the same day that it is delivered?

A:            Most of our deliveries arrive in the afternoon.  We need time to catalog and organize the packages so that we can access them when you arrive to pick them up.  Because of the sheer number of packages that we receive, we need the rest of the afternoon to organize them and put them away. 

Q:           What if my package arrives damaged?

A:           It is your responsibility to check your packages before you leave and decide what you would like to do with them. It is also your responsibility to properly insure any items that you ship to us. As our business is a facilitation service, your package receiving fee will not be refunded for those items that you decide you want to return.

Q:           Who can pick up my packages?

A:            For security reasons, ONLY PEOPLE LISTED ON AN ACCOUNT MAY PICK UP PACKAGES FOR THAT ACCOUNT AND THEY MUST HAVE PERSONAL ID AND THE PACKAGE TRACKING #. We allow 3 (three) names on each account. Names must be added prior to packages being received by us and prior to someone coming in to pick it up. All people on an account must know the phone # and email address that the account is registered under. If your package arrives without a customer # on it, you will not get an email notification of delivery, your package will go into the Unregistered section, and you will need the package Tracking ID # in order to claim it. Additionally, without the Customer # on the package, only the person whose name is on the package may pick up the package – NO EXCEPTIONS – this is for your protection.  Regular storage fees apply.  As you will not get email notification on such a package, it is your responsibility to be aware of the delivery tracking and ensuing facility storage time.
If it was sent via USPS without a tracking #, then you will need to bring in your purchase receipt showing whom the package was purchased from. This will help us identify your correct package as we do not go by name alone since many of our customers have the same or similar names. If the package arrives without a Customer ID # in the address, we will not give it to you unless you have the Tracking ID # for the package. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Q:          When will I get my Customer #, once I register on the website? 

A:           You will get your Customer # by the next business day along with a confirmation email stating that you have been registered.  In the United States, you list this number after your street address.  So the address will look like this:

Your Name,
63  12th St #1234 
Blaine, WA 98230

Q:     Do you accept Returns....

A:           Yes we accept all returns that are boxed, taped up and ready to be shipped out.  If they have a Prepaid label on them we give them to the carrier.  If they do not have a label on them, we can ship them out via USPS.   Returns can be left in the lockers for pick up following day if you requested one for your packages the night before.  Returns must be boxed, labeled and ready to ship back.  ATBM is not responsible for items left behind that are not properly packaged and ready for return. 

Q:         How do I open a Mailbox for a Business?

A:           We need to see and copy Formation Paperwork for the Business per USPS requirements.  We also need the county and state (city and province) and date of your Business Name Registration.  In addition, we need the names and addresses of any corporate officers or any employees looking to be listed on the account.  All names listed must have verifiable ID.  Guardians may list the names of minors receiving mail at the specified Mailbox verified by a Birth Certificate. (this applies to corporate or personal mailboxes)  A limit of four individuals may be listed on a Business Mailbox in addition to the Business Name.

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