At The Border Mail

Package Services

Pick up your packages on the way home or just walk across the border, the choice is yours. 
We are convenient and accessible ready to receive your packages and meet all your shipping needs.


You may order products from anywhere in the United States and have your packages delivered to our Blaine address where you are then able to come and pick them up during our business hours.

It is very easy!

Step 1: Order your product

Step 2: Use your Name and our Address

            John Doe
            63 12th St, (Customer #)
            Blaine, WA 98230

Step 3: Come and pick up your goods!

Once you have become a registered customer in our system, we will assign you a Customer # to list on your address after the Street Address. Listing this Unit Number on your address will allow us to send you an automatic email notification letting you know that your package has arrived at our location in Blaine. We will still receive your package before you become a registered client and a package will not be refused if you forget to list your Customer # on the address, but you will not get an email notification. Please do not call our office to find out if your package has arrived. Instead, use your tracking # to find out if your package has been delivered. Please bring this tracking # with you when you come to pick up your package. Please note that you also have to be on the account to receive packages.  If you name is not listed on the account, but you have an account number you will go into Unregistered User section. 

 Packages are available for pickup the day after they arrive. Please wait till you get a email from ATBM stating that we have received your package and its ready for pickup.  We cannot stop our receiving process to look for a package that is not checked in yet.  Thanks

Packages will be refused if they are addressed to "At the Border Mail" instead of your name. We will send them back listing the need for clarification as to whom they are actually for.


Your package will go into the Unregistered Section and you will need to bring your tracking # and ID to retrieve it. You will still be subject to the same package and storage fees, it is your responsibility to track your packages.


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