At The Border Mail


Pick up your packages on the way home or just walk across the border, the choice is yours. 
We are convenient and accessible ready to receive your packages and meet all your shipping needs.



Shipping to Canada

 If you would like to have your parcels shipped to Canada there are a few cross border carriers that can transport them for you.  Or you can utilize UPS to ship them to you up in Canada.  Please note that we will be charging a $5 service fee on top of usual parcel charges to cover the extra processing time of forwarded parcels.  The prices for forwarding parcels to Canada can be steep.  For example a 10"x10"x10" 5lb box would cost approx $34 USD to ship UPS from our location to Surrey BC.  Go to the Rates & Services page for more info.



ATBM does accept returns.  Your returns must be boxed, taped and labeled with a prepaid return label.  If you do not have a label, then you can come in a ship out your return via USPS.  ATBM is not responsible for packages left behind not properly labeled and boxed up and sealed with tape. 




USPS priority


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